The Genesis of ‘Gangster Al’

OK, here’s the start of my personal blog. I’ve been blogging for my business for a few years now, and every once in a while I get the bug to write something. Perhaps it’s for documentation, for venting, for sharing, etc. but every so often, I’ll want to post something.

The story of the ‘gangster Al’ photo to the left: A few years back, I had decided to go back to school for graphic design and web design and that really doesn’t pay the bills, so I decided to sell real estate during that time. So as you probably know, the real estate business is obsessed with photos of the real estate brokers on all their marketing materials. I don’t know why. Half the time the photos hurt more than help, but there you are.

My manager, in the office that I started in was especially insistent on having a photo and was also inclined to fits of shrieking as a style of management.

I had this pic taken and put it on her desk as a photo offering.

As I exited the building, I could hear her belllow at the top of her lungs, “Is this some type of f###ing joke??!!”

Oh yeah…

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