May One = One Amazing Day!

May first is always a special day for me. It was on that day, nearly 50 years ago, that I was hit by a car. I usually try and make it a special day and use it as a day of remembrance and thanksgiving. I guess I was pretty lucky to get out in almost one piece.

My family had moved to Newport, RI and I was staying with my grandparents to polish off second grade. We were visiting relations one evening, and some young kid was barreling down the street and the next thing I know, I was flying through the air in what seemed lie slow motion. I vaguely remember my grandfather screaming at the top of his lungs and the ambulance siren as we went to the hospital.

I ended up spending a couple of months in the hospital with the main injury being a compound fracture of the femur.  After, a short hunger strike (another story, another time) I spent most of the rest of the summer in a full cast in my grandparents’ living room and listening to the Rex Sox on the radio with my grandfather.

The videos below are the video diary of our trip on May 1. They include: An Indian wedding procession, a meeting with a congressman, picking up a group of Franciscan monks hitchhiking. And, at the very end of the day, I was in the art co-op in Shellburne and and overheard a group of the artists, who were behind the counter having dinner together, talking about how they were hit by cars as children. (Insert your own spooky music here!)

May 1, 2010 Videos

Part 1: The Indian Wedding Procession

On our way out of town, we found this Indian wedding procession in the parking lot of the Royal Plaza Hotel over in Marlborough. The groom rides a horse with much fanfare to meet his bride to be who is waiting for her family. Now this is wedding!

Part 2: Davidian Fams in Northborough, with a 1914 Model T and Congressman James McGovern

We decided to stop for a quick bite at Davidian Farms in Northborough and saw a really cool 1914 Model T and met Congressman James McGovern and his district Representative, Kathlen Polanowicz.

Part 3: Bits and Pieces

A few short clips from the trip with photovoltaics in Ashburnham, the Toy Town horse, a historic plaque in Hinsdale, NH and some hawks caught circling around.

Part 4: Our Franciscan Hitchhiking Friends

We picked up these folks hitchhiking in southern Vermont and drove them to their destination. They were traveling from Lawrence, MA to their retreat for a week.

Part 5: Dinner in Shelburne Falls

After dropping off our new friends we headed back east and stopped at the bridge of flowers and had a meal.

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