Brookwood Reunion

June 26, 2010

Here is a bunch of videos from the Brookwood Road Reunion, held on Brookwood Road in Baltimore, MD.  Sorry for any names misspelled, etc. I’ll do better next time! –Al

Craig gives a lesson on the ‘mother’s milk’ of Baltimore: National Bohemian Beer

How Paul and Dave became ‘Holy Men’

Karen’s confession

Bill and Jeanne Beans share some memories of their summer plays

John and Jan share some memories (NOT Dave, DUH!)

The ‘four amigos’ in a photo shoot

Dick and Jeanette Ireland share some memories

The group photo is taken and…GO ORIOLES!

Songs from the neighborhood plays

Stories of the (formerly) evil Karen Kroneberger

Mrs Kroneberger shares some Brookwood memories

‘Saint Al,’ and goodbye

McEwen Family Homestead

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