A Trip to Clinton for Family Geneaology

On this day back in 1924, my namesake, and grandfather, married Agnes Gibbons, a girl from Clinton, MA .  We decided to take a trip Clinton to see if we could find my great grandparents gravesite and visit the church. The document below is the current version of the Morel and Gibbons family tree and directions to the gravesite in St. John’s Cemetery in Clinton, MA. It’s on the same road as the Clinton Hospital.

Morel Gibbons Family tree and directions to Gibbons Gravesite (PDF)

Here’s a quick tour of St. John’s Church in Clinton, where Albert A. Morel, Sr. married Agnes F. Gibbons, on November 27, 1924. This church is truly amazing and you can get a general idea from this dark-ish video. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Here’s the Gibbons Family Gravestone front:

Here’s the Gibbons Family Gravestone back:

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