You Have GOT to Hear This: Bird-1 by Underworld

I love it when someone shares music with me and I’m inspired. This happened recently when a new friend of mine, Tom Lanen, pointed me towards the Brit Duo: Underworld.

To describe it as ‘electronic/dance/techno’ is somewhat accurate, but does not do it justice IMO. I think Tom had the best explanation when he told me, “It’s great winter music.”

Here’s Bird-1 from their album released recently. If you do take a listen, the song builds and then rips it up at around the 3:20 mark.

Bird-1 by Underworld

Here’s Tom’s recent blog post on Underworld. Tom is a branding and design guru so there’s more meat on the bones here than a mere music review.

Wikipedia’s Underworld entry.

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