A Trip to Mount Holyoke with Charlie Whitcomb

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Mount Holyoke with college friend, Charlie Whitcomb.  No, not the college, but the nearly 1000 foot hillside that the college is named after!

Mount Holyoke is the western-most peak of the Mount Holyoke Range located in the Connecticut River Valley out in western Massachusetts.  At the top are the remnants of an old hotel first opened in 1800’s. Unfortunately, the hotel structure is need of repairs and you can’t access the porch that goes completely around the hotel and used to give a 360 view of the entire valley.

Below are:

  • A panoramic photo looking at Northampton from Mt. Holyoke, spliced together by my brother, Mike.
  • A photo of Charlie and I (and some other friends) on the way up the mountain, back when we were dorm-mates at Greenough at UMass. (Photo by Chip Herzog)
  • And, a short video of Charlie yesterday.
View from Mt Holyoke looking at Noho (click on image to see full view)



Mark Wilhelm, Al Morel, Charlie Whitcomb Al Morel, Howie Berman on Mt. Holyoke cira: 1976 (Photo by Chip Herzog)



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