Mom’s Funeral Service Trip Diary

Our Trip to Arlington National Cemetery for Mom’s Burial Service Thursday December 27 to December 30, 2007 This is a pictorial diary of the trip that Sam and I made down to Arlington National Cemetery for my Mom’s Burial Service. It was really a wonderful trip that started with a 15 hour drive down and […]

The Odyssey of a Navy Family

Here is a story that is living proof of the recruiting poster’s slogan “Join the Navy and See the World.” Navy men sometimes forget that the words apply not only to themselves, but to their families as well. The Morel family grasped at the opportunity when it presented itself. Their odyssey not only shows what […]

IMO Dale McGee 1955-2006

February, 2008 About a year ago, I received a note that a high school classmate that Dale McGee had died. Dale and I dated during our days at George Dewey High School in the Philippines. Although, I can’t claim that we stayed iin close touch, we did trade an email every now and then. I […]

Christmas Cards

Our annual cards, in PDF format, from some of the past few years. My fav is the 2005 card that has a clip from Citizen Kane with out house in the glass ball and the characters from Mystery Science Theater 3000 watching. Click on any of the images or links below to see a full […]

Mom & Dad

← This is a photo of my parents taken at my junior prom in the Philippines. It’s one of my very favorite photos.               This is a poster of my Dad’s career that my brother Bob and I did for a Veteran’s Day display at Hudson High School. Dad […]