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Located in Hudson, Mass. Owner of Web1776, a website development company. Husband, father, retired volleyball coach, community volunteer, friend, and hack musician.

Sailing on Champlain

Here are some of my thoughts, projects, ideas, etc.

The Princess Suzy Chreamcheese

This short video is Suzy (Full name: The Princess Suzy Creamcheese) in howling action right after a fire engine goes by the house. Yes, she

OMG, Santa Really Knows!!

It’s starting to look a little bleak for Christmas… Mrs. Claus: “Hey, look who’s here Santa.” Santa: “I don’t recognize Al.” Al “What?! I’ve been

My Favorite Christmas Card

Well, it looks like Christmas cards will be delayed this year. I’m thinking that we’ll send out something after the first of the year with

IMO: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Many people my age can remember right where they were when they heard that MLK had been shot. I was at the newspaper delivery office