A Trip to Mount Holyoke with Charlie Whitcomb

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Mount Holyoke with college friend, Charlie Whitcomb.  No, not the college, but the nearly 1000 foot hillside that the college is named after! Mount Holyoke is the western-most peak of the Mount Holyoke Range located in the Connecticut River Valley out in western Massachusetts.  At the top are […]

Return to Cape Cod: 20+ Years Later

On May 1, 2011, we took a trip to Cape Cod to revisit a couple of spots that we had stayed previously. Billisgate Ave In Eastham, MA Is where we spent our honeymoon back in 1986, near First Encounter Beach. OK, it’s true that I left the honeymoon a little early to go back and […]

A Trip to Clinton for Family Geneaology

On this day back in 1924, my namesake, and grandfather, married Agnes Gibbons, a girl from Clinton, MA .  We decided to take a trip Clinton to see if we could find my great grandparents gravesite and visit the church. The document below is the current version of the Morel and Gibbons family tree and […]

May One = One Amazing Day!

May first is always a special day for me. It was on that day, nearly 50 years ago, that I was hit by a car. I usually try and make it a special day and use it as a day of remembrance and thanksgiving. I guess I was pretty lucky to get out in almost […]

Thoughts on sacrifice and humility

I have a friend who once advised me that one should make all of one’s major life decisions in a cemetery.  I’m not sure if I entirely buy that, but I must admit that I have always been drawn to them. Over the school April vacation, Sam and I made a trip down to the […]