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Located in Hudson, Mass. Owner of Web1776, a website development company. Husband, father, retired volleyball coach, community volunteer, friend, and hack musician.

Sailing on Champlain

Here are some of my thoughts, projects, ideas, etc.

Mom & Dad

← This is a photo of my parents taken at my junior prom in the Philippines. It’s one of my very favorite photos.    

Christmas Cards

Our annual cards, in PDF format, from some of the past few years. My fav is the 2005 card that has a clip from Citizen

IMO Dale McGee 1955-2006

February, 2008 About a year ago, I received a note that a high school classmate that Dale McGee had died. Dale and I dated during

The Odyssey of a Navy Family

Here is a story that is living proof of the recruiting poster’s slogan “Join the Navy and See the World.” Navy men sometimes forget that

Mom’s Funeral Service Trip Diary

Our Trip to Arlington National Cemetery for Mom’s Burial Service Thursday December 27 to December 30, 2007 This is a pictorial diary of the trip

Gramps the Marathon Man!

City Man Recalls Marathon in 1921 The Worcester Evening Gazette Tuesday, April 17, 1984 Albert Morel of 88 Crowingshield Road wasn’t at the finish line


This is my ‘bucket list’ of movies and it consists of movies that I love and some that I really want to see.  I have

Jack and Kathleen Driscoll Videos

Videos of a trip to visit Kathleen and Jack Driscoll Here are some videos of a trip that we made to see Kathleen’s Uncle and