Memories of Mom on Mother’s Day 2011

I love this photo of my parents. This is them as chaperons at my junior prom in the PI. One of these days, I’ll stumble on my photo with my girlfriend, Dale, at this event. But for now, it’s MIA.

Today, the boys and I had brunch for Kathleen and inevitably, stories came up of my mother: Joan Marie Kaloustian Morel.

Some of my favorites are:

  • The Halloween when we were kids where she kept us all in and we ignored the doorbell and watched TV and ate all the candy.
  • Various ‘terrorist’ acts at restaurants.  (I don’t know what it was, but there was something about eating out that caused her to lose her mind.)
  • All the strays that she had living at the house over the years — not animals, people.
  • The day she came running out on to the baseball field during a game when someone slid in and wiped me out.
  • The way she romped on me as my physical therapist after I broke my leg. (More effective than waterboarding.)

So, I am eternally grateful to my mother, whom I miss more than ever and to the most wonderful mother of my children as well.

Here’s the video that my brothers Mike and Bob did for my mother’s funeral service back in 2007.

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