The Carnage of War on a Paper Route

I never served in Vietnam, but I saw the carnage of that war firsthand on my paper route. It was not on the pages of the paper, where most of my generation saw it, but in the wards of the Yokosuka Naval Hospital in Yokosuka Japan where the Navy and Marine wounded from that war, […]

The AMAZING Story of the Making of Rocky

Perhaps you’ve head some of the backstory of the making of the motion picture Rocky, written and starring Sylvester Stallone. I had heard whiffs of this but I stumbled on a series of videos that interviewed Stallone and when I dug down a little more, found an incredible story of perseverance and determination. The videos […]

30+ Years of Volleyball: Time to do other things

It has been nearly 30 consecutive years, on this weekend that I have played, coached and organized volleyball at the Bay State Games (Massachusetts State Olympics). This is the first year in its history that I have not participated and I do miss seeing some of the friends that I’ve made over the years, but […]

A Trip to Mount Holyoke with Charlie Whitcomb

Yesterday, I took a trip out to Mount Holyoke with college friend, Charlie Whitcomb.  No, not the college, but the nearly 1000 foot hillside that the college is named after! Mount Holyoke is the western-most peak of the Mount Holyoke Range located in the Connecticut River Valley out in western Massachusetts.  At the top are […]

Sports, and life, can hinge on one moment

Sometimes in sports (and life) everything can hinge on just one moment. For the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals it was the late hit on Nathan Horton in game three  that knocked him out of the series and propelled the Bruins to win 4 out of the next five games as they rallied to […]

Thoughts on Father’s Day

Perhaps it’s true that you never truly understand your father until you become a parent yourself. Perhaps. My relationship with my own, was a little complicated. My first memory of my Dad was: “Just who does this guy think he is?” You see in the early days, my father was out to sea quite a […]

Joan Morgan shows her quilts

My nephew, William, and I went down to the Maryland Eastern Shore to visit my friends Dick and Joan Morgan. We’ve stayed in touch these past 40-ish years from the time that we were neighbors on the Cheltenham Naval Station. Here’s a video of Joan showing off some of her favorites quilts that she’s made. […]

Return to Cape Cod: 20+ Years Later

On May 1, 2011, we took a trip to Cape Cod to revisit a couple of spots that we had stayed previously. Billisgate Ave In Eastham, MA Is where we spent our honeymoon back in 1986, near First Encounter Beach. OK, it’s true that I left the honeymoon a little early to go back and […]