It really is a small world!

We took a trip up to Lowell today to see our nephew, Telly, row in his first race as a member of the UMass Lowell Crew Team.

As we arrive, we bumped into Guy and Carol Tucker and as it turns out, their son Reed rows in the same boat as Telly. In fact, Telly and Reed are the only two novices on the team.

Here’s a video from the day’s events:

Several years ago (1997 perhaps?) Telly and Reed actually went trick or treating together when Telly and some of his sibs were living with us.

Here’s a photo of that Halloween:

The boys at Haloween: Left to Right, Sam Morel, Reed Tucker, Telly Casternopoulos, Plat Casternopoulos, Socrates Casternopoulos, and Tim Morel.

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