Richard D. Morel Sr.

DOWNLOAD: Richard D Morel Family Tree PDF Brother Bob and I made the trip down to the Delaware shore for our Uncle Richard’s memorial service on June 29, 2010. Here are some videos from the service and of some of those who spoke at the event.  The sound is a little faint on these so […]

Brookwood Reunion

June 26, 2010 Here is a bunch of videos from the Brookwood Road Reunion, held on Brookwood Road in Baltimore, MD.  Sorry for any names misspelled, etc. I’ll do better next time! –Al Craig gives a lesson on the ‘mother’s milk’ of Baltimore: National Bohemian Beer How Paul and Dave became ‘Holy Men’ Karen’s confession […]

May One = One Amazing Day!

May first is always a special day for me. It was on that day, nearly 50 years ago, that I was hit by a car. I usually try and make it a special day and use it as a day of remembrance and thanksgiving. I guess I was pretty lucky to get out in almost […]

Mayday 2010 Videos

May 1, 2010 Videos Part 1: The Indian Wedding Procession On our way out of town, we found this Indian wedding procession in the parking lot of the Royal Plaza Hotel over in Marlborough. The groom rides a horse with much fanfare to meet his bride to be who is waiting for her family. Now […]

A Father’s Day Eulogy

June 21, 2009 A few years back, a friend mentioned to me to reach out to others on a particular father’s day because they may have some regrets about their relationship with their father or their father may be gone. Wow, that never even occurred to me! Now that my father is gone, I can […]

November 2009 Trip to DC

These are a series of videos from a trip that we made to visit the McEwen family and others in the Washington area November 13-15, 2009 Episode 1 Arrival in Kensington, meeting the Snitmans, the big birthday party and the (now) famous German Chocolate Cake Drink. Episode 2 My early morning trip to the Mall […]

Jack and Kathleen Driscoll Videos

Videos of a trip to visit Kathleen and Jack Driscoll Here are some videos of a trip that we made to see Kathleen’s Uncle and Aunt, Jack and Kathleen Driscoll over Thanksgiving weekend. PART 1: Uncle Jack tells a little about his boxing career Part 2: Jack and ‘the Kathleens’ reminiscence Part 4: Jack and […]


This is my ‘bucket list’ of movies and it consists of movies that I love and some that I really want to see.  I have highlighted with a “*” the ones that are definite must see and favorites. The list are all linked back to Wikipedia for easy research. 12 Angry Men 2001: A Space […]

Gramps the Marathon Man!

City Man Recalls Marathon in 1921 The Worcester Evening Gazette Tuesday, April 17, 1984 Albert Morel of 88 Crowingshield Road wasn’t at the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday. Just as well, too, when you’re 89 years young it is a lot more comfortable to watch on television. The BAA had mentioned that it […]