The personal Website for al morel

Located in Hudson, Mass. Owner of Web1776, a website development company. Husband, father, retired volleyball coach, community volunteer, friend, and hack musician.

Sailing on Champlain

Here are some of my thoughts, projects, ideas, etc.

November 2009 Trip to DC

These are a series of videos from a trip that we made to visit the McEwen family and others in the Washington area November 13-15,

A Father’s Day Eulogy

June 21, 2009 A few years back, a friend mentioned to me to reach out to others on a particular father’s day because they may

The Genesis of ‘Gangster Al’

OK, here’s the start of my personal blog. I’ve been blogging for my business for a few years now, and every once in a while

Video Profle of Agape Cafe

Recently, I took a trip down to the end of Pope Street here in Hudson to visit the Agape Cafe. The Cafe is a weekly

There’s no time?

We’re all scrambling for time. What if we just gave up 1 percent of our collective TV watching time and applied it in more productive