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Located in Hudson, Mass. Owner of Web1776, a website development company. Husband, father, retired volleyball coach, community volunteer, friend, and hack musician.

Sailing on Champlain

Here are some of my thoughts, projects, ideas, etc.

Dan & Lika’s Wedding

Dan and Lika Rouse’s Wedding September 4, 2010 Prelude: Procession and Ceremony: After the Ceremony: Entrance to Reception: Reception – Babysnatching, Cakecutting, Dancing:


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My Rock Star Dream

Mix together a book signing on the marketing secrets of the Grateful Dead, Mexican food, a former role as the harmonica player in a garage

Grace 25 Year Videos

This weekend (October 23 & 24) our church celebrates its  25th Anniversary here in Hudson, MA. Check out these videos by my friend, Josh McKean,

A Song for Veterans

I remember the first time I heard this song. Uh, sort of. I remember that I was in the Sanders Theater at Harvard and it

Gettysburg Address Revisited

I saw this amazing video of the Gettysburg Address and on this anniversary of its delivery on November 19 many years ago, here it is.

A REAL Thanksgiving

It’s amazing to me how many people have had near death experiences. It’s a wonder many of us are even here at all, and that